Where can I find the rules and regulations which govern the Association membership?

If you are a resident of Shadowbrook, click the Resident Sign In button in the top right corner of this page to set up your account on the Resident Portal. All Association documents are available in the portal. You may also click the Documents button above to access general information about the community.

What are the approved paint colors?

Approved colors will be included in the next ARC Policy Resolution. They are as follows:

Door and Shutter Colors:

Old Colonial Red (#225 McCormick); Farmhouse Red (DU0003948 Duron)

Georgetown Green (#220 McCormick); Foxhall Green* (DU0003978)

Trim Colors:

Super White (#100 McCormick); Amber White (DU0003922 Duron); Wheat (#108 McCormick); Brush Gray* (Duron) or Mt Vernon Gray (#443 McCormick)

* the manufacturing of this paint color will be discontinued after stock runs out. It can however always be matched.

What if I want to change the exterior appearance of my home or yard?

You must submit an Architectural Modification Form, available by clicking Documents above, and receive written approval of that application to add a storm door, deck, fence, shed or otherwise alter the exterior of your property within the current architectural guidelines. See the ARC Guidelines, also available by clicking Documents, for further information.

What are the rules regarding proper trash disposal?

Click on Documents above, then open the Rules and Regulations folder to review the Association’s trash disposal policy resolution for full details.

Effective March 1, 2017 yard waste material may NO LONGER BE PLACED IN PLASTIC BAGS. American Disposal Services will only accept yard waste material in compostable paper yard waste bags or personal containers clearly marked “YARD WASTE MATERIAL”.

These paper yard waste bags can be found at local grocery stores, hardware stores and through online retailers. Please consider mulching your material whenever it is possible.

If you have any questions concerning this policy please feel free to contact American Disposal at 703-368-0500. Any other questions may be directed to Cardinal Management Group, Inc. by clicking Contact Us above.

To assure that the Shadowbrook community is maintained, safe and attractive, the Board of Directors (BOD) has an adopted policy relating to trash and recycling. All Shadowbrook residents are encouraged to review and understand the rules and regulations which are outlined in the ARC Policy Resolution.

Section C.3 of the ARC Guidelines states the following as being prohibited practices by both owners and tenants alike:

The practice of placing trash containers, trash bags, and recycling bins at the curb prior to 5:00 p.m. on the evening before pickup; leaving trash containers and recycling bins at the curb after 7:00 p.m. on the evening of pickup.

NOTE: All trash placed on the curb for pickup must be secured in trash containers or heavy-duty bags which can be secured in such a manner as to prevent spill age, opening in foul weather, or animal access. Recyclables must be placed in the recycle bin provided by the trash contractor. Branches and twigs must be tied in small bundles. Leaves and grass clippings must be securely bagged.

Leaving exposed trash containers in the front yard. All trash cans and containers must be kept in the enclosed rear yard or within the residence, out of the view of passersby.

As common courtesy trash including grass clippings and tree/shrubbery cuttings, shall not be disposed of in the wooded areas behind the lots. Recycling should not be placed out on the curb on windy days without being secured to prevent it from being blown into the woods, common areas or your neighbor’s property.

If residents have large bulky items needing pickup they must call the trash contractor to obtain information as to what items can be removed by the contractor and when the item(s) will be removed.

Items placed out for normal pickup that are not removed by the trash company will be the resident’s responsibility and will be handled in accordance with the above rules.

If found in non-compliance with these rules at a hearing before the BOD the owner may be assessed a monetary fee of $10 per day (up to 90 days) for a continuing violation or $50 for a one time offense.

For Special Pickups, use the form on the American Disposal Services Website.

What are the rules regarding parking?

Click on Documents above, then open the Rules and Regulations folder to review the Association’s parking policy resolution for full details.

Parking in our community is reserved exclusively for owners and/or their tenants. Two (2) parking spaces are assigned to homes without garages. For homes with a garage the garage and adjoining driveway are the only parking spaced allotted to that dwelling. The Association has long ago adopted a reserved parking policy. NO owner/resident/tenant may park in visitor guest spots. Other vehicles must be parked in other parking areas, i.e., on main roads. Guest spots are reserved for short-term guests only.

Campers, trailers, boats and other large vehicles are not permitted on the property or on any Mt. Vernon District public road/street. All vehicles parked on the property must be properly licensed and in operable condition.

What are the rules regarding pets?

All local laws pertaining to pets must be observed. IT IS THE LAW! Owners/pet sitters must clean up after the pets and dispose of the waste properly. Pets must be on a leash when outside of your home.

What are the rules regarding renting my home?

Click on Documents above, then open the Rules and Regulations folder to review the Association’s leasing policy resolution for full details.

All written leases of property within Shadowbrook Community Association shall contain a provision advising the tenant of his obligation to abide by the provisions of the governing documents and rules and regulations and certifying that the tenant has received a copy of such documents.

All homeowners who lease to another a home within the Association must, within five (5) days of execution of the lease, file a copy of the lease with the Board of Directors at the following address: c/o Cardinal Management Group, Inc., 4330 Prince William Parkway, Suite 201, Woodbridge, Virginia 22192, and any homeowner failing to provide a copy of an executed lease within five (5) days of the effective date of this Resolution, or the execution of a new lease, will be in violation of this Resolution.

In the event that property within Shadowbrook is leased without use of a written lease, the owner of the property must provide to the Association at least five (5) days prior to the. tenant’s occupation of the premises, of within five (5) days of the effective date of this Resolution, a written statement signed by the owner and the tenant certifying that the tenant has received a copy of the governing documents and rules and regulations, and that the tenant understands that he/she must abide by the provisions of such documents.

Any homeowner failing to comply with this Resolution may be subjected to a charge for each day in which the violation persists and any other penalties or remedies as are available to the Association.

The owner shall be held responsible for any charges or penalties incurred by or Imposed as a result of the action or inaction of his tenant and all such charges may become a lien against the property of the owner if unpaid.

Where can I find a copy of the Association budget and other financial information?

Shadowbrook operates on a calendar year financial basis. All owners receive a copy of the budget no later than December 15th of the year preceding the calendar year. If you are an owner and have not received a copy of the upcoming year’s budget by December 15th please contact our property manager through the Contact Us button above. Each year’s budget will also be posted to the Resident Portal, in addition to the most recent Reserve Study which projects long-term replacement expenses for the Association’s common areas.

Where can I find information on paying my assessments?

Click the Documents button above to view payment information or visit https://www.cardinalmanagementgroup.com/make-payments for further information, to make a one-time online payment, or to set up recurring automatic payments

How can I submit a complaint about an Association contractor?

If you experience any problems with services provided by contractors used by the community (i.e. landscaping service, paving, trash collection, or snow removal), please contact our Community Manager by clicking Contact Us above, and not the individual contractor. Thank you.

When does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors meets quarterly, typically in January, April, July and October, from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Details of the upcoming meeting will be distributed to the homeowners when it is scheduled.

When is the Community Yard Sale?

The Community Yard Sale is usually scheduled in the spring and fall. Signs will be placed a week before the event.

When is the Community Cleanup Day?

All year long. If you see something that looks like trash on the grass or road, please be so kind as to pick it up and throw it away. No need to wait for a day to do it all.