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Shadowbrook Street Smarts and Courtesies

By Your Shadowbrook Board of Directors

  1. A driver can have an unconscious tendency to want to continue driving the same way they have driven on surrounding roads once they have entered the short and confined streets in our Shadowbrook community.  But the fact of the matter is that when operating our cars and trucks on our community streets, we must do so smartly and courteously…for several good reasons.
  2. Carefully drive and keep us all live…by driving slowly and safely!
    • By their very nature of running past homes and play areas, residential streets warrant our undistracted and careful attention by driving slowly and safely on them.  Please also remember that we are all required to fully stop at our community intersection Stop signs just as we are required to stop at the same signs on roads outside Shadowbrook.  These expectations and requirements are not meant to frustrate us…they are meant to protect us.
    • Another good reason to drive slowly stems from the fact that our community streets are short and narrow.  Many stretches are bordered by parked cars, have blind bends, and lead into T-boned intersections.  These are not the makings of the race track at Le Mans.  They warrant our full attention and prudence by driving a slow and safe speed.
    • Perhaps the best reason is ourselves as pedestrians…and particularly our children.  You’ve probably noticed the proliferation of young children across Shadowbrook that has occurred over the past couple of years.  They add vibrancy and energy throughout our community…but they also require our complete attention and caution whenever we operate our vehicles on our streets.  You can google a thousand articles about “negligence” as it pertains to automobile accidents involving pedestrians.  When you do, you’ll find a couple of key common themes: 
      1. The first theme is that “negligence” will likely aggravate the consequence for a driver involved in an accident on a residential street because it stems from the driver’s failure to adhere to their duty of care.  That duty of care is founded on a driver’s basic responsibility to drive safely, keep a proper lookout, maintain a safe speed and distance given the driving environment, and obey all traffic laws. 
      2. The second theme is that our laws tend to impose a higher duty of care upon drivers when it comes to children.  Children between the ages of 5 and 9 are at the greatest risk of being hit because they are smaller and less predictable than older children and adults.  Children live in homes and play on all of our Shadowbrook streets, and they provide a danger warning to us as drivers to exercise greater care.  We are obligated and expected to exercise a greater degree of care when we drive on our streets because small children are likely at play in our residential community.  If we don’t…and hit a child…then we not only aggravate our negligence, but we incur an incalculable level of regret that comes with failing to exercise the care that we should have.
  3. Be fair and share our streets…by parking properly!
    • At all three Shadowbrook street entrances you will find a large sign that indicates all yellow curbs mark fire lanes.  Parking a car or even standing in these fire lanes is illegal because those lanes must always remain immediately available to emergency vehicles that may be needed in a moment’s notice.  Parking or standing in those locations also imposes even greater restrictions on the ability of others to maneuver into adjacent parking spots and driveways.  Please don’t ever park or stand your vehicle alongside any portion of a yellow curb.
    • If we are to preserve the safety, security, and civility of our community, then the other major courtesy that we must exercise toward each other involves the use of street-side visitor parking spaces.  All homes without garages have two adjacent numbered parking spaces available to them for vehicles.  The spaces that are labeled “Visitor” exist for exactly that reason…to accommodate the parking needs of visitors to our homes.  It is clearly selfish, unfair, and inappropriate for anyone to use these visitor spaces on a perpetual basis to park excess personal vehicles.  Although it may seem like little consolation, parking is nonetheless available for excess vehicles on the streets outside of the eastern and western sides of our Shadowbrook community. 
  4. As we approach another new year, it is more than satisfying to be able to say that our Shadowbrook community has been a safe and proud place to live for more than 25 years. On behalf of all Shadowbrook neighbors, your Shadowbrook Board of Directors greatly appreciates your efforts to help keep it that way by driving slowly and safely on our streets, fully stopping at our Stop signs, watching out for the many children who play in our neighborhood, avoiding parking along yellow curbs, and keeping our visitor parking spots open.  

Please have a safe holiday season, and…
A happy new year in 2020, and…
Thank you!