published: June 26th, 2020 by in Uncategorized

All too often, the only things we tend to focus upon in our community are things that go wrong, shortfalls, and complaints. However, we also know that good things are also common…but nothing exists to even modestly recognize the individuals who make them happen.

The Board of Directors for the Shadowbrook Homeowners Association has adopted a new program meant to address this consideration. The Shadowbrook Community Service Recognition Program has been designed to provide a means for members of Shadowbrook to help recognize the positive and helpful contributions of those who live in and support our community.

The program guidelines are meant to provide an easy yet structured way for any of us to recognize the good deeds of our neighbors. Nomination criteria and submissions are simple, as is the form of recognition…a certificate of appreciation. But we hope and trust that this program will speak volumes for the gratitude and appreciation our community has for the good things that occur within it.

At last week’s annual community meeting, the first three certificates of appreciation were awarded. The very first certificate was awarded posthumously to Dan Hupfer for the many years of devoted service he provided as a member of the Shadowbrook Architectural Committee. His wife, Kathy, accepted it on his behalf, and she was also recognized for her many years as a dedicated member of the Shadowbrook Board of Directors as well as the community webmaster. The third certificate was awarded to Aaron Rosenberg for his several years of meticulous service as the Treasurer of the Shadowbrook Board of Directors as well as providing vital assistance for Shadowbrook’s National Night Out events.Click here for copies of their certificates.

We know there are many others among our community who will be similarly recognized for their actions, and we welcome your nominations to come. Thank you for your consideration and support!